Promises Kept

June 10, 2019

I have been promising (read threatening) to begin blogging for years. It took me years and a couple kicks in the ass to get here. So, here I am. Don’t expect this to be life changing. I’m not a miracle worker. I’m a 68-year-old widow with time on her hands – and a cache of life experiences and occasional observations that may or may not give me some perspective and you a familiar nod of the head or even a smile. I have named it Widow’s Pique, a shameless play on words. I do promise it will be more than a maudlin collection of writings on navigating the journey (I HATE that word!) of losing your life partner. I plan to explore and comment on a multitude of observations and life’s experiences and ridiculousness. NO POLITICS! I hope I can bring some people a sense of familiarity and maybe even comfort. I will likely offend some people, because those who know me know that I tell it like it is in my use of humor, but it is usually self-deprecating and never malicious, so if your panties easily get into a wad, you should probably move on. I hate being without my husband. I am hoping this is therapeutic—for you and me. Until the next time.

2 thoughts on “Promises Kept

  1. Mary, you say it like it is, but not in a malicious way. I will enjoy reading your thoughts and advice. I may be in your shoes someday. My so lives on Orchard Oriole Lane in Durham. Say “hi” if you see him.


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